The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Encantadia 2016


Here are some, if not all, of the most frequently asked questions about Encantadia 2016:

Will Encantadia 2016 be a remake or a sequel?

It will be “requel”, a retelling and a sequel. Same premise: a world whose power rests on four elemental gems, four sisters who shall wield these gems and guard them against the mighty forces of evil wishing to take over the land. But some parts of the story will either be omitted or changed and new plots will be introduced.


There are many instances where a sequel was hinted. And it’s not far from possible. As Direk Mark said on NexCon 3, “As long as the ratings are good, why not?”

Why did they switch the shapes of the Brilyante ng Tubig and the Brilyante ng Hangin?



A popular question from purists. Actually, they changed all the shapes. Based on Sir Noel Flores’ concept arts, the Wind Gem takes its shape from a “twister” or “tornado”. The Water Gem takes its figure from the “water ripple”.


Will they include Etheria?




They would not be including Etheria “since they already told its story before”. Many Encantadiks dig the dark and complex story of Etheria so maybe they are expecting it in the 2016 “requel”. But let us remember that Etheria took a dip in viewership due to its “complicated storytelling” and the long list of its characters.

Will they redesign Imaw? Will he be fully animatronic?

Yes. Imaw will have a revamp. Back in 2005, he was a cable puppet so as to have control on his eyes and his fingers. He then becomes a mascot in scenes where he need to walk. This time, they are gunning for a fully animatronic puppet, that is, hands-free control.

Imaw as a cable puppet and mascot.

When will Encantadia be shown?


July 2016 is the most plausible date. Nonetheless, a premiere on the third quarter of this year is the target.

There’s nothing to forgive, sweet love.
Really, now?

Where can I watch or buy the first three books of Encantadia?

The DVDs are now a rarity. But (subscription based, 30-day free trial) offers the clearest copy available for Encantadia while offers them for free at a slightly lower quality. HOOQ also has the three books of the saga and is a subscription-based service.



Will they remake Mulawin as well?


No plans for this yet. One thing to note though is that Avila has been included in the current world map of Encantadia 2016. Let’s all pray for and support the return of Enca so that the age of quality Telefantasyas will return!


And there you have it! More FAQs? Got something more to share or to add? Send us a comment below! Avisala meiste!

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  1. yellowranger113 says:

    Reblogged this on yellowranger113 and commented:
    For all the encantadiks out there. 🙂


  2. kram030890 says:

    since there will be no retelling of etheria, will it be possible that they will continue the Encantadia the second saga which should be aired in 2010 but it was shelved?


    1. They will be starting back at one and then a sequel is in store if the ratings are good. 🙂


  3. suzukitatsuya9221992 says:

    The story of Etheria is well beyond its time when it was made or rendered rather, *the story was rather dizzying due to the constant time travel*. Though it took a plunge at the ratings, it would be really nice to hear about the 5th kingdom (a web series maybe) especially when most Filipino audience today are now more matured and more socially engaged than 10 yrs before.

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  4. elbamercy says:

    anong paboritong ulam ni perena


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