Analysis of the Encantadia Weaponry Teaser

Today, the first of the “promised” upcoming teasers of Encantadia was shown during Eat Bulaga’s commercial gap. The video features various forms of weaponry that we will be seeing in the series. Some were already shown in the concept arts of Sir Noel Flores while a few looked new to our eyes. In this post, we’ll have a breakdown of the most recent teaser of our beloved series. Here’s the video if in case you’ve missed it.


Grungy, fiery, and metallic. The medieval, metallic look featuring a blurred-out map on the background with fire embers on the foreground was reminiscent of the opening titles of Game of Thrones.

Sapiryan Shield

A Sapiryan shield glimmering in gold glyphs and a toned-down green base.

The first to flip in on the frame is the shield of the warriors from the north, the Sapiryans. Shown was the bull sigil with the emblem of the Brilyante ng Lupa reigning between its hoofs.


Next to appear is a Sapiryan mace. It’s highly reminiscent of Ynang Reyna’s sceptre from 2005 that for a second we thought it was the new sceptre design.


The Gun-blade’s handle, scratched, dented, but still shining in red and gold

The mace was followed by the controversial “gun-blade”. If there’s one thing that represents the amount of glory being written into Hathoria’s storyline in the requel, it could be this ingenious weapon that we have seen from Hagorn’s concept art.

The gun-blade’s muzzle and the sharp edge of the blade. The muzzle’s shaft is ornamented with lavish floral patterns. The blade is supposed to show Encantadia-alphabet inscriptions but clearly those in the video are Baybayin characters.

Many fans critiqued that the inclusion of a gun-blade is out-of-place in a “medieval” world of magic. But that’s the point: this gunblade is one of the few forces that break through the glass of “being faithful to the 2005 version” and breaking in to the “The old will be new again” reference from Direk Mark Reyes, for in this requel, Hathoria will be a glorious, advanced kingdom, learned in the arts of battle and weaponry.

Twin Blades

Another eye-catcher is the pair of daggers called “twin blades.” There’s only one character who used these in the original series: Pirena.

The twin blades may look symmetrical at first, but these are separate daggers being wielded by Pirena in her combats. Notice the differing handle designs, particularly the black bands. These blades have different names as well. One is called, “Siklab” and the other, “Baga” after the properties of fire. Again, Baybayin-looking symbols are engraved on the upper edges of the blades, instead of the Nchan script.
The twin blades merge and form into one broad dagger and shows a gleaming scar in the middle that looks like a fire birthmark.



The shield does not exactly look like Amihan’s shield in the concept arts so this could be just a generic Lirean shield.

Following the twin blades is a shield that is inspired from a bird’s wings. It is interesting to note that at this point in the teaser, the fires subside to show an armor worn and torn in battle.

Bow and Arrows

The last weapon to be featured is the bow and arrows. None of the sang’gres wielded this kind of arms before. It was Odessa, a Heran from Etheria, who was a virtuoso to such instrument.

Bow and arrows shining in blue and silver, the color palette of Lireo or of the wind element.

The sets of weapons shown were from the three mighty kingdoms (one of which is actually a queendom): Sapiro, Hathoria, and Lireo. But wait, where is Adamya? No Mahiwagang Tungkod ni Imaw? It was said in NexCon 3 that Adamya is not a kingdom, but a territory, meaning no military caste system for our cute midgets. Perhaps because the Adamyans are also the peace-lovers in the requel. It will be interesting, though, that the reason why no Adamyan weapons are shown is that they could be one of the harbingers of magic in the series of showdowns of power.

As the exhibition of weapons fade to black, the teaser tells us that the wars are about to come again (whether it’s the war in Encantadia or the network war for the TV ratings, we can’t really tell) in an unflattering frame sporting the Arial font:

Nice to see you, Arial.

But the abomination of using a basic sans serif font in this fantastical world is redeemed once the first look of the what could be the title card is revealed, the letters spinning back to front and the gems revolving into place, against a backdrop of a bas-relief of the map of Encantadia:

The metallic bas-relief of the map is Games of Thrones-ey, but in contrast with the “in-ward” world concept of the map in Game of Thrones, the map of Encantadia in the title card is clearly outwards and is a part of a globe. The four seals of the kingdom highlight the four corners of the frame and the Nchan translate of “Encantadia” is embedded at the top and is almost unreadable.

The title card is based from Sir Noel Flores’ design. It’s said that many iterations were presented to Direk Mark, but none of those passed so he just asked Sir NLF for one. The design is also a nod to the old title card, both showing the map of Encantadia with the four elemental gems on it.

The last frame tells us that Encantadia is “coming soon” and the full view of the gorgeous map of Encantadia is shown.

The map of Encantadia 2016 and the network that produced such masterpiece.



Do you have more eagle-eyed observations, Encantadiks? Any bonus easter eggs you spotted? Feel free to tell us below! Haste live!

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  1. yellowranger113 says:

    Reblogged this on yellowranger113.


  2. steve marti gregorio sabido says:

    I don’t know how to say but for now I will find pleasure to see the remake. I’m one of the encantadia fans since ever it began. as of now if I’m buying a time after my work I do writes a sequel of my own but it is also started before encantadia or etheria. that is my 1st book that I’m eagerly writing. chronicles of encantadia: the realm of encasia ( realm of myths and magic) …


  3. Encantadia February 2 2017 REPLAY

    Sa mundo ng Encantadia full replay , apat Sang’gres bantayan ang hiyas na hawak ng kapangyarihan upang mapanatili ang kapayapaan at pagkakaisa sa lupain.

    Pirena, ang pinakamatanda sa apat Sang’gres, ay katiwala sa Gem of Fire. Passionate and outspoken, ang nagniningas na batang babae ay nais na maging ang susunod na reyna ng diwatas (fairies).

    Amihan, ang pangalawang pinakamatanda, ay katiwala sa Gem ng Air. Mature at nurturing, ang kanyang likas na katangian ay upang protektahan ang kanyang mga mahal sa buhay kahit na ang gastos.

    Alena, ang ikatlong kapatid na babae, ay katiwala sa Gem of Water. Romantic and carefree, siya ay nabubuhay sa pag-ibig at ito ay sa isang pakikipagsapalaran upang mahanap ang mga tao na ay makumpleto ang kanyang.

    At Danaya, ang bunso, ay katiwala sa Gem ng Earth. Fearless at matigas ang ulo, siya ay may isang matibay na kahulugan ng katarungan, na kung saan ay nasubok bilang siya natututo na ang mundo ay hindi kailanman black and white.

    Ang mga kapatid na babae ‘malakas na bono ay nasira kapag Pirena nadiskubre na siya ay hindi tulad ng mga ito. Ang kanilang ina, Ynang Reyna Minea, ay takot sa kanyang pagnanais na maging ang pinuno ng Encantadia at ito ang naisip betrayal na humahantong sa kanya upang maging madaling kapitan sa mga manipulations ng Hagorn, Hari ng Hathoria. Itinatakda nito sa paggalaw ng isang mahabang tula na paglalakbay para sa Sang’gres upang matuklasan ang kahalagahan ng pamilya, pag-ibig, at pagpapatawad.


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