Breakdown and Analysis of the Encantadia Mega-Teaser – Part One

Mega-teaser, teaser-trailer, first official trailer… whatever you may call it, it’s here: the cinematic that was released in Encantadia’s “day one” at ToyCon. Without further ado, let’s do the breakdown!


The Prologue

The prologue spanned the first minute of the video. It is dark and as a matter of fact the only noticeable color-graded part of the teaser. Set in the spacious halls of Lireo, it boasted of the 24-feet bulwarks of the palace and an unsettling lighting, simulating moonlight streaming through the celtic intricacies of the window grills, into the foggy room were our beloved four sang’gres fade in.

One by one, the sang’gres (royal blood) put on a retrospective of their skills in combat. Clad in their lite training suits, it is apt that they appeared to be training for a competition, deep in the night. The scene demonstrated the individuality of each sang’gre as it radiated the tension and rivalry that runs among them.

Alena, calm and collected, play with her pilum.
As she swings her sword, the “spirit of water” trails along. Nice touch! It was very fluid, blending well with the lighting of the room.

The scene was all about silhouettes, and thus the trivial presence of the elements which the sang’gres embody was an effective device for us to identify which is which, aside from the weapons we know the sang’gres wield.

Amihan does an airkick as she holds her father’s sword, the Arkrey. A gust of fog bellows, complementing Kylie’s given martial arts skills. Daddy Raquim did a good job training his unica hija.


The Fire Princess and her twin blades, Siklab and Baga that appear to become aflame any moment now. The elemental effect is more sulfuric smoke than fire, which is also a nice touch. Low profile, huh, Pirena?
Our dearest Danaya, brandishing her brutal arnis sticks, as dust and debris flicker and flutter around her. Interesting to see her being unsympathetic against her other sisters training and swooshing in the background. That’s Danaya for y’all.
The lights fade in to reveal the four sisters in their training suits. Alena’s spear is now a pilum, Amihan’s longsword is a heftier blade, Pirena retaining her twin swords, and Danaya and her ever-so-unforgiving arnis sticks. Fierce as fudge.

The prologue fades out to black and the title card of Encantadia casually appears—until the iconic “Tadhana” beat kicks in. The welcome, entrancing voice of Bayang Barrios polarizes our adrenalin and awakes every Encantadik in this Earth consumed by selfishness, prejudice, and indigence. Suddenly, the audience will desire to forget who he or she is and just want to pick up a sword and fight for mother-effing Lireo. That’s Bayang Barrios for y’all.

We are greeted by the entrance to Lireo. Columns, banners, other-worldly patterns only Diwatas can interpret. The gates of Lireo do not swing-in this time, but mechanically slide outwards to reveal the chief personalities of Lireo.
Lireo, the youngest of the four regions of Encantadia. We are treated with a view of its immense skyscrapers as they stretch up the horizon and winged beasts speed through cirrus clouds.
At first sight, they seem like dragons, but they aren’t. Perhaps, these beasts are a close cousin to the the mountain banshees of James Cameron’s sci-fi film, “Avatar.”

Winged beasts flurry around the towers of Lireo, a nice addition to this world-building, as the Diwatas are the keepers of the Brilyante ng Hangin. What better way to harness the power of the wind than to ride these flying pashneas?

The mountain banshees of the Na’vi in Avatar, for comparison.
The full façade of the palace. Lireo appears like it’s built in a fortress made up of rocky mountain-formations. Circular halls serve as the base of the architecture as semi-capsule-shaped strongholds point upwards. Waterfalls drift down from the palace itself as they seep through Roman-inspired arches and viaducts—perhaps the water source of the Diwatas.

The scenes in Lireo are cut short by a glimpse in the realm of the mortals. Raquim is then shown carrying her daughter, Amihan, unmindful of the passersby on the footbridge.

Drone and crane shots pa more! The ease out angle of this view is both unexpected and eye-widening, an interesting contrast between the world of magic and the realm of mortals. As cabs and people are pensive in their daily routine in the metro, an Encantado has penetrated their world, seeking safety and refuge for himself and his dearest princess.
The ruling body of Lireo exiting the palace…
…as the mighty forces of Hathoria march into an undertaking. The wide, bird’s eye view of the army as they slowly rally from their kingdom is a testament of the Hathor’s forces as it is a feast to the eyes.
Pirena, wearing a strange golden necklace and pendant, trudging the way along with Lord Hagorn, the vanguard headed by the Olorka.

Hathoria is highly glorified in this requel and the aerial view of its army exhibits how they are a force to be reckoned with. We see a few of the different classes of Hathors in the horde: Olorkas (unmasked, horrid humanoids), helmeted soldiers bearing the red-and-black banners of Hathoria, and their Lord of fiery splendor and red-metal bravura, Hagorn.

As the impending war creeps in, we see Mine-a facing the tall bust of Emre on its pedestal, the queen weeping at the sight of an omen.


Mine-a imploring before their deity, Bathalang Emre. The statue is alive as a beam of light securely glows above her. Fans speculated that this could be a “warning sign” mechanism, or a means of tribulation for the Diwatas.
Or it could just be Emre conveying to Mine-a of the things that will come. Unpleasant and sad, those things sure are. Ynang Reyna is as innocent and ravishing as she can be in this close up despite her tears.

From then on, various scenes from the episodes, both familiar and novel, come into play. We get a glimpse of Raquim in the mines:

A parallel scene from the 2005 series, Prince Raquim displaying magic in front of mortals. “Danger, falling rocks” (a nod to the fall of Sapiro?) and Dingdong’s casual get-up as compared to his workmates blue-collar clothing.

Pirena garbed in her cloak, strolling perhaps in the acreage and getting herself in a rather confusing situation. Is it a reckoning or conspiring with the enemy or getting caught doing so?

Pirena, fierce in a combat with Olorkas.
She suppresses her blade away, interestingly, and her face is a picture of apprehension and calculation, as Hathors surround her. Notice her half-moon necklace with a round ring-pendant, ornamented by petals or leaves. Is that a piece, a shard, or a twin of the Asnamon Medallion, disguised as a necklace?

The scenes switch back to the setting in Lireo, with Amihan in the courtyards of the palace.


The sang’gre of the wind deep in her thoughts.

The recurring scene of the members of the chief ruling body of Lireo is shown once again, focusing on Danaya with Aquil behind.

Sang’gre Danaya in her training suit. Aquil, Gurna, and Hitano behind.

The scenes return to the courtyards, this time with Alena, Banak and Nakba.

Alena, chilling in the Lirean piazza, serenading the Adamyans Banak and Nakba. We see the seal of Lireo on the gate and on the banners, and the “Devas Circle” on the courtyard floor. The “Devas Circle” is a recurring collection of symbols in Encantadia. Here we see the emblem of the Brilyante ng Lupa repeated fourfold as the core, representing “Being”. A repetition of the symbol for “Emotion”, depicted by the emblem of the Brilyante ng Apoy reiterated fourfold, is orbiting the core.
Gabbi Garcia as Alena looks equal parts royal and innocent being the sang’gre with the softest heart, as she sings to the twin Adamyans.

The sights in daylight are eventually followed by scenes in the dark.

Hagorn, hooting a menacing laugh, as he holds in both hands the Brilyante ng Apoy. A sang’gre (the rightful keeper of a gem) usually holds a Brilyante with one hand, but in this scene Hagorn uses both hands, cupping the gem, holding it near and precious, a clear sign of greed and exploitation. Agane smirks on Hagorn’s left; Pirena in a knowing, suspecting look on his right.
John Arcilla as Hagorn, scheming, calculating his moves in the grand chessboard that is Encantadia. In his game, he is the King… making us wonder, who are the pawns? 🙂

That’s it for Part One! Meanwhile, allow us to prepare as we attend the second day of ToyCon, as Encantadia will have another segment today!

P.S. If you notice, the screens vary in color tone and brightness in contrast with the actual teaser that was released. The reason for that is our amateur color grading fan-edit which we’ll post on our Encantadia Saga Facebook Page, later on. Should you notice details and easter eggs from the parts of the trailer that we could have missed, do let us know!

Avisala eashma and see you in part two! 🙂




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