Breakdown and Analysis of the Encantadia Mega-Teaser: Part Two

What’s that? Yes! It’s time for the long overdue second part of our breakdown of Encantadia’s mega-teaser!

Some Recap on the Technical Stuff:

  • The first minute of the mega-teaser (Sang’gre Training) is color-graded. Color grading is confirmed to be implemented in post-production. Encantadia is shot in widescreen high definition but it is set to be broadcast to a 4:3 ratio like all programs from GMA Entertainment TV. We’re hoping and praying that they will heed our petition.
  • The rest of the teaser is not yet color-graded. The mega teaser was only supposed to show us the first minute where the sang’gres brandished their swords, which, if we remember correctly, was said to be shot up until 4 in the morning of filming. It paid off, as no prologue could have been cooler. The first time we watched it we wished for a more haunting, more epic music, but the silence and the plain swishes and swooshes was truly a great way to build up, a proper opening act to the iconic “Tadhana” by Bayang Barrios.
  • Speaking of which, “Tadhana”, the war theme and closing credits song of Encantadia 2005 was used for the rest of the teaser. Epic, LSS-inducing, and truly timeless. Worthy of the award/s it earned as if 10 years haven’t passed.
  • Which leads us to the question, where are the new soundtracks of Encantadia 2016? Bayang Barrios recorded for Enca 2016. The BG music used in the omnibus plug featured haunting vocals humming and an ethnic accompaniment. Also, a new love song (duet) was also written for the requel. Question is, will we soon get a preview or perhaps a music video with the new romantic soundtrack? Fingers crossed!

Now on with the breakdown!

Conflicts in Lireo


First of the lot is Aquil in his armor, escorted by two guards. The captain of the Lirean army has a fancy, inner, cream-colored garb, in contrast with soldiers of lower rank who don’t. Say hi to the green screen outside the window! 😀


Cool brushed up hair you got there, brotha. In this frame, Aquil mirrors Amihan’s pensieve shot in our previous blog.


Another callback from the original series, Ybarro sneaking around the courtyard of Lireo (compared to the exterior gardens of the palace in 2005) to catch a glimpse of Sang’gre Alena.


Easter egg: Present is what we shall call for now the recurring “Devas Circle”. The third Devas symbol is visible here. It is the origin of the emblem of the Brilyante ng Hangin.


The bravest and most mischievous bandit, Ybarro (Ruru Madrid). Those rags he’s wearing look straight out of the fabrics department and can do a little more aging. But hey, #colorgrading, right?


…and his home, the camp of the Mandirigmas in the outskirts of Lireo, struck by snow. No new look for the mandirigmas as far as we see in the teaser. Still dressed in rags and pieces of unmatched armor from their loots, if we can say.


Apitong, Ybarro’s father, somehow deciphering a tribulation.


Hitano, all deplorable in the shadow of Alena. Like Aquil, he has the same cream-colored fabric inside his armor to signify his rank. However, his suit differs with Aquil’s and Muros’s in such a way that he has a shorter, shoulder plate armor for his shoulders called the pauldron. His pilum is safely tucked on his back.


Pancho Magno has this pitiful, hopeless romantic look as Hitano, as compared to the 2005 version’s rather smug expression. Fingers crossed for more depth on his character.

The Slayin’ Spawn of the Evil


An ominous Agane stands in the midst of two more Hathors, as she exercises her signature weapon, the flail, a device consisting of a chain with a round striking head swinging at the end. Rochelle’s rocking that shining armor..


Here she is in beast mode as lightning flashes in this scene. Way to go, Roc! Many a fan had commented that the role really fits her. Before Enca, Rochelle starred as the jealous daughter of the Datu and the hateful sister of the princess in the first epikserye, Amaya.


Gurna, seen here comforting her ward, the young Pirena, with that foreboding look. Pirena, on the other hand, will grow into puberty and will be played by Barbara Miguel. “Kuhang-kuha niya si Pirena,” Direk Mark commented, back in ToyCon. So there we have it, two generations of portrayal for the four sang’gres!


Yes, yes. Give ’em that look, Vaness! #RestingBitchFace

A Pair of Spears and a Club


Here’s our hero-bandit and his companions. Pako (James Teng) and Wantuk (Buboy Villar) wield light and thin spears. Ybarro’s armament appears to be a club. No sword? Or is it hidden within?


James Teng will play one of Ybarro’s closest companions: Pako, named after the aquatic plant.


Pako and Wantuk, teasing Ybarro in this frame. It is so interesting to see the chemistry in the immaturity of this trio. More of that please. Represent the male audience!

Ybarro: *
Ybarro eavesdropping, gazing at Alena* Kayganda niya!
Pako: Pashnea, mas maganda si Sang’gre Danaya!
Wantuk: *flicks Pako’s ear* Akin lang si Sang’gre Danaya!

And yes, Wantuk also retains his ragged hat, a coif (which was a bonnet from 2005).


In their face-off with Hitano, the young mandirigma makes a display of his spear-spinning skills…


…to no avail. This award-winning young actor will once again bring comic relief to our screens with his effortless interpretation of this character.

Two Princesses Lost in Two Realms


Admin PB’s favorite scene in the teaser is this one: Muyak chasing Milagros within the eskinitas of the human realm. The cinematography uses the point of view of Muyak to show the dynamic angles of how the lambana (pixie) flies after her ward. She has wings like those of a dragonfly. Dragonflies do not flutter, but they dash, dart and maneuver. This locomotion is indeed well-executed in the chase, making us want for more! In addition, it looks like Muyak will not grow into a full human-sized lambana, but remains the way she is even after entering the mortal world.


Klea Pineda as Muyak, reassured after the chase and smiling at a sight.. She might very well be watching Milagros running to greet his adoptive father to give him that tight hug. Endearing indeed.


Banak and Nakba skipping the corridors of Lireo to greet Lira 😉 while Pirena watches her in the background. Notice the gardens peeking through the windows. This set is huge!


The two Adamyans, Banak and Nakba, in a playful banter with the heiress, Lira, to be portrayed by newcomer Kate Valdez, dressed in simple royal garbs and a headband.


Imaw and Mine-a in a rather serious conversation, set in the royal chambers of the Queen. This is a color graded shot in the middle of the video.


The chief adviser’s eyes really look like billiard balls. 😦 Let’s hope that they may incline to a glassier (not glossier) finish, but if this is the final look, well, good for the young audiences. They will love him, that’s for sure (We’ve been told how traumatizing the realistic look of Imaw 2005 was for some children).


The scenes change to give a glimpse of Anthony, who will be played by Starstruck 6 Male Sole Survivor Migo Adecer. Anthony will be a balikbayan in the plot, to compensate for Migo Adecer’s Australian accent.


Milagros defies the damsel in distress cliché as she saves Anthony from a semi-speeding truck.


Newcomer Mikee Quintos will portray Milagros. Her adoptive parents will be played by Mr. Ryan Eigenmann and Ms. Angelu de Leon, based from photos that surfaced way back. RANDOM TRIVIA: Mikee is a singer and an Architecture student from the University of Santo Tomas.

Principal Love Teams


The primary love team of the series comprises of Ybarro and Alena, two archetypes that embody the poor-boy-falls-in-love-with-the-rich-girl plot.


Amihan visits the camp of the bandits in the outskirts of Lireo. Here, Apitong (Christian Bautista) puppy-eyes the Queen as Ybarro enters the scene.

Dayuuum! Amihan turns to face Ybarro. A look of confusion and surprise from the latter. Surely this is the first time the two meet each other… in person.


Alena, Danaya, Amihan, Aquil, and Muros in a group meeting. Outside the window are the nearby towers of the palace. (No more unedited green screen!) Pirena’s not in the scene, so this could either be them devising to negotiate and win back Pirena or plotting the defenses and the offenses in the impending doom.

Danaya in a solemn state, and then she steals a gaze at Aquil. Intricacies such as metallic dragonflies and leaves ornament Sanya Lopez’ hair.


Right back at the past where we see Queen Mine-a expressing her fears as she is about to bid goodbye to Raquim, Prince of Sapiro, and their daughter, Amihan.

Haste Live Hathoria


Hathoria, back in the time of its full glory. One thing that bothers us is that based on our latest copy of the map, Hathoria is seated in the vast western lands of Encantadia. The waters here are too tranquil to be the surface of the sea, so we’re guessing this is one of the broad rivers seeping through the territory of the Hathors.


A stone dragon head reigns at the top of the mighty fortress. Each level of the citadel is designated for a certain purpose, a certain class, or a certain function. The topmost part itself is a few storeys-high, the seat of the elite.


Raquim and young Amihan are being chased by the Hathors as explosions pursue them with every step. Hathorian alchemy in action!


Hagorn exits through this red spiral out of the dusk, a portal to the mortal world. By the looks of it, it appears that he possesses the medallion of Asnamon which submits to his power, basing it on the color of that spiral.


Hagorn wears a lighter war crown in this frame. And boy isn’t Mr. John Arcilla fierce as fudge.

It is all just a game, Raquim. Hagorn smiles.


It’s a one-on-one underneath the rain. Hagorn and Raquim dance in a duel as blade hits blade, with the line of Hathors as spectators of the two of the finest warriors in the land.


Raquim looks like he is in the offense, basing it on the teaser.


Not until the Hathors raise their swords and cheer.

That Epic Ending Scene


The scenes in the rain are substituted by a clear sunset view of the “Island of Cassiopea” overlooking Lireo. This wonder is nestled in Fortune Island, Batangas.


A winged beast that looks like the cobalt-blue banshees circling Lireo zooms in to the atmosphere. A mirage of the palace appears on the other side of the island, an honest mistake on the editing department. But heck, this scene is too epic that we will not pay much regard on that.


A helmed being on the island looks out as the banshee and its rider prepare to land. We speculate that this is one of the guards in Cassiopea’s island.


The beast is also long-necked and long-limbed like the banshees shown at the beginning of the teaser, but this one’s got a wide fin-like tip for its tail. Our wild guess is that this is another ancient Diwata. Whether it’s Cass or it’s Sunshine Dizon or Max Collin’s character, we can only speculate. What we know is that there will be a combat in the isle.

The last scene’s a favorite to many. It shows Cassiopea, the first leader of the Diwatas, hesitant as she approaches the Brilyante ng Kalikasan, a rough, egg-shaped gem floating on a mysterious round table.


The table is engraved and embossed with ethereal symbolisms while a similar geometric assemblage circumscribes the glowing stone as its core. This is unmistakably the Devas Circle.


Cass takes out the double-bladed Kabilan as she forcefully breaks the gem. The sacredness of this pedestal cannot be denied, as Emre’s statue stands watching behind the Diwata.

The gem breaks apart and emits a beam of light upwards, as the four gems swirl into position and reveal the title card of Encantadia. . . .


This teaser uses the flat version of the map as a backdrop, in contrast with the metal bas-relief used in the weaponry tease. Which do you prefer?

And that’s it! The teaser has now over a million views on facebook and hundreds of thousands on YouTube. It was generally received well by the fans as many remarked that their expectations were exceeded.

The showing of that aerial shot at the end was perhaps what sealed the deal for us. It was breath-taking and it put Fortune Island in the spotlight. It embodied the other aerial shots present on the teaser: Raquim on the footbridge, Hagorn’s army marching from Hathoria, and the CGI of Lireo. What is interesting is how a considerable Chapter One for the TV Series was placed at the end of the teaser. And did we ever mention that no dialogue actually occurred, save for Hagorn’s sinister laughter? Again, five stars to “Tadhana” as it held the epicness of the mega-teaser.

See you on our next breakdown, when we synthesize the full trailer that may include the Sang’gres in their armors. 😉 Avisala eashma and Haste Live Encantadia!


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