Analysis and Theories on the Encantadia Full Trailer

Encantadia’s 2-minute full trailer was built upon the mega-teaser. Though the latter was heavy on clips that featured no dialogue nor voiceover, the intensity and excitement was sustained by the iconic musical score titled “Tadhana”, sung by no less than award-winning cultural singer Bayang Barrios. The full trailer, on the other hand, gave us new foretastes and fulfilled its promise to show the sang’gres in war costumes. Still devoid of dialogues and voiceover save from Agane’s warcry, the trailer used the new musical score codenamed the “Legacy” theme. The piece is heavy on bass in the trailer (the middle/voice frequencies can do a little more boost):

Sporting drums and ethnic beats and chilling vocals of oohs and aahs like mermaids singing underwater, it gave us the vibe of this requel: bigger, more comprehensive, and definitely more epic. Truly, the “Legacy” title is fitting, since this is the legacy of Encantadia again coming to life.


As a prologue, a bird-winged dragon (which we shall call a banshee for now as it is a creature that gives off a loud screech) and its rider introduce us to the partially silhouetted palace of Lireo, the sky painted gold with the haze of a sunset, establishing that Diwatas harness the power of the wind by taming these “bird-winged dragons”. Relying heavily on CGI and giving us an idea as to how big this world is, it looks as if this scene was pulled straight from a video game!


The trailer begins by asking the audience what is worth fighting for.



Against a dawning sun, Muros salutes Prince Raquim.


The Sapiryan Prince graces the throneroom of Lireo to greet his beloved, Mine-a.


Ynang Reyna is ravishing with the crown of the Diwatas, golden with chains and trinkets, studded with four gemstones that symbolize the eventful feat when Cassiopea broke the gem into four.


Despite of the law that prohibits the Queen of the Diwatas to take a husband, it seems that both are allowed to show affection. This sure is a treat to the fans of the couple, although we’d rather see a long, sweet kiss on the hand instead of the smack that Raquim gave Mine-a.

A preview of Alena and Ybarro’s galavanting. Alena is in her verdant cloak. This fairytale-like moment is shot in Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal.



As Cassiopea intensely breaks the Brilyante ng Kalikasan, a beam of light shots to the heavens, illuminating the sacred island and the palace in the distance.


Cass watches the legendary four gems descend from above and down to the sacred Devas Table.


As she cups the powerful stones, two pentagrams are emitted from her hands, pentagrams which do not match the “Devas Circle”, a possible aftermath when the single gem was broken into four.


One of the prominent Diwatas in the early years of Lireo (in the person of Max Collins) is seen astride a banshee, as they glide through pristine waters in their journey.


Collins’s armor is obviously of the wind element and is cohesive with Cassiopea’s body suit, suggesting that her character is one of the leaders of Lireo, perhaps after Cass’s reign.


In a menagerie bathed with gold where artifacts both divine and royal are housed, the Diwata of Fire, Pirena, carefully enters and approaches a round slab that holds the four gems.


The pedestal towers above a treacherous abyss, threatening anyone who dares steal the precious relics: swords, a crown, and above all, the four elemental gemstones.


Amihan is crowned Queen, the moonlight through the windows blue in her favor. It is perfectly clear that each of the three allied states of Encantadia are represented, with Sapiryan soldiers witnessing the coronation.


Aquil commands the court to hail the queen, albeit Amihan apprehensive with the price that comes with the crown. Mine-a beaming with pride.

In a forest far flung from Lireo, Hagorn encounters this mythical serpent. The giant snake’s glowing eyes suggest that this is Ether, one of the deities of Encantadia, in her cursed form.


As a banshee arrives in Lireo (we speculate that this is Max Collins riding the beast, as the scene matches the daylight in her other footage)…


…so does a dragon prepare to land at the peak of the fortress of Hathoria.


Imaw shares his admonitions with two more elderly Adamyans in the shores of their territory.


In the falls of Lireo, Danaya helmed with her new combat headgear is practicing her Balangis sticks.


Muyak and her pet dragonfly give us their P.O.V. of Lira’s home, what the lost princess must endure in her life in the mortal world.


A hooded figure arrives in Sapiro and is greeted by Sapiryan guards. Taking on medieval and celtic inspirations, the Sapiryan armor is more regal and is heavier than the lightweight, streamlined carapace of the Lirean soldiers.

As for the Diwata in their midst, those violet fabrics can only belong to one—Cassiopea. With the Seal of Sapiro on her background, the emblem of the Brilyante ng Lupa between the bull’s hooves is not yet present. And so, one highly probable agenda for this visit is her bequeathal of the Earth Gem to the Sapiryans. As we posted before on our facebook page, the Sapiryan emblem is inspired by a fabled creature in Philippine folklore: the Sarangay:


Half bull and half man, the beast is said to guard a “jewel” between its ears/hooves that whoever wishes to steal it will only be rewarded with death.


The Royal Family pays homage to Cassiopea. Haring Armeo with his queen, his cousin Prinsipe Raquim, Asval, and a Sapiryan commander by the name of Alira Aswen (Julienne Lee) greet the Diwata Queen. Note how Alira and Asval, both seasoned warriors, are positioned beside the King while the Queen stands a little behind. Sapiro is truly guts more than glory.


Alira shows these Sapiryan soldiers who’s boss. While Lireo is dominated by female leaders (ruled by a Queen), Sapiro is headed by male figures (with a King as the chief). Save for this one: as Alira is a strong female character who is bound to be an iconic fighter.


Pako and Wantuk are foraging the falls for fish only to meet two mermaids who are intimidated by their presence.


We are quite unsure what race these mermaids belong to, but basing it on the seal of Adamya, we bet they adhere to the territory of the South.

The Hathorian Army in the full trailer.

The Hathor army marches. And nope, this is not the same army we saw in the mega-teaser. The Hathors here look like they are marching to a different battle, as Pirena is nowhere to be found in the frame.

The Hathorian army in the mega-teaser, at the army’s heart: Pirena walking beside Hagorn.


A mysterious figure fires an arrow.


Lone in a field of smoke and embers, this is Asval in what could be the final moments of the war shown in the latter part of the trailer (notice the banner of Lireo).


Another foremost Diwata, in the person of Sunshine Dizon, embarks on a rather taunting expedition deep in the subterranean. Reported in 24 Oras before was a face off between her and Max Collin’s character:

Sunshine Dizon’s character was revealed by accident in the official website, but it was removed immediately. These two diwatas are in a confrontation, in the Island of Cassiopea.


Passageways peeking through the boulders, this could be her entrance to the fallen kingdom of Hathoria.


In a sandstorm, Danaya and Muros teleport to Hathoria for a reckoning.


Pirena and Agane are in for a surprise as they go in a stance. Gears and wooden cogs spin in the foreground as we again take a glimpse of one of Hagorn’s seats.



The infant Ybarro, in the arms of his foster father, Apitong, chief of the mandirigmas.


A human-powered wheeless vehicle called the litter, no more than of Sapiryan origin, is present as a hint.



Hathors of all ranks kneel and bow before a young Hagorn, newly crowned King of Hathoria, a pyre ablaze in their midst.


Pyres are often used in funerals. If there is a death they’re all mourning then you all know who is who. At the foot of the giant bonfire lies two swords of unequal length. We can only think of one character who wields twin blades, and that is Pirena. Will Hagorn, in one way or another, be able to pass these blades to her?


Perhaps the most unexpected and the best scene in this trailer: the Sang’gres racing along the shores of Adamya.


The framework of this scene shows the relationship between the Sang’gres in the near future. A small  gap lies between Alena and Danaya, who grew up closely together, having the same father.


Amihan is all jubilant but is pensieve on her run, common of her “cold” soliloquy.


But the most obvious and heartbreaking to see is Pirena, who is significantly distant from Amihan and her sisters and yet she manages to smile and take in the moment with them, nonetheless.

Iconic scene back-to-back with iconic scene, we see the moment where the three sisters outnumber Pirena as she challenges their queen mother, all for every Diwata to witness. Gurna is all smug on the side as she reaps the product of her years of influence on Pirena.

Also, amazing preview of the intensity of Glaiza’s portrayal as Pirena. We cannot wait to see this episode!


In the throneroom of the palace, Queen Amihan, Alena, and Danaya mourn for their Ynang Reyna, as soldiers and denizens, Lirean and Sapiryan alike, pay their last respects to the Queen of Peace.


The sun rises upon the army of the good, headed by the leaders of Sapiro. Armeo and Raquim side by side. Asval, wielding his bow and arrow. Alira in a fierce stance. Another Sapiryan leader brandishing a mace. Aquil steady with his pilum and Muros with his scythe. Airships hover above them all.


The Hathorian army, clad in black and red. Roi Vinzon fittingly portrays King Arvak, along with his son, Hagorn (John Arcilla) with that unpolished “princely” crown to perhaps exemplify hierarchy and Hagorn’s rawness as a successor. The Hathorian soldiers (men and women at that) all in gameface as Agane (Rochelle Pangilinan) takes the floor and declares their battle-cry.



The Sapiryan crown is much more modest as compared to the Hathor King’s. Let’s say Sapiryans let their reputation speak for themselves rather than hooting their trumpets for all the world to hear, as manifested by Arvak’s war crown:



We get a preview of the war in the “Dalampasigan ng Adamya”. Arvak versus Armeo. The mace-bearing Sapiryan against a Hathor soldier. Raquim versus Hagorn. Three races against one.


Alira versus Agane. Super cool to see these strong women fight.

Aquil and Muros dispatch Hathors like flies.

Spears meet shields. Swords meet swords. All to gain control over all Encantadia. All to retain peace in all Encantadia.


Far in the future is another game, another battle… one where the major players in the chessboard are the Sang’gres. This battle commences until dark… and what was shown in the trailer leads us to this moment:


The face off between Pirena and Amihan.

The Diwata of the Wind, equipped with the strength of his father’s sword and training; Pirena struggling with just one of her twin blades. The longer blade, called “Baga” was clearly no match to Amihan’s longsword, the Ark’re. Note the anger and frustration in Pirena and the worry and hestitation in Amihan.

As the trailer comes to a conlusion, we are asked as to which we swear allegiance:



Now we know that these glorious kingdom is seated at the western edge of the continent, explaining why there is a “sea” in its façade.



The southern territory rich in vegetation and flora. Islets in a lake.



Nestled in the mountainous North.



The youngest kingdom in the East.

The last clips show us the Sang’gres in their combats. Amihan, Alena, and Danaya are all in their light, training suits, finishing Hathors one by one.

Only Pirena is in her armor as she kills a Lirean soldier.

And while the trailer moves toward a close as we see the bas-relief metallic rendition of the map of Encantadia back on the title card…


We all long for July 18 to bring Encantadia back in our arms again. 🙂

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  1. Melvin coyne says:

    This is very on point! Thank you!!!


  2. Correction lang po its Arvak vs. Armeo.
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