Why Encantadia’s OST Is Entitled “Maghihintay”

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Yesterday, the title of the official love theme song of Encantadia 2016 was revealed. “Maghihintay” will be heard for the very first time tonight, after 28 episodes (or more than one month).

#MillenialMoment “Maghihintay”, as a song title, sounds like your average soap opera theme songs, which for afternoon and a couple of primetime dramas, are usually played every commercial gap, in every climactic or momentous scene, and in the credits. You might have expected a title as literally enchanting as “Mahiwagang Puso” which is in itself, a unique name for a song in an  epic like Encantadia. However, in this requel, we get a simple and straightforward… “Maghihintay”.

But piece by piece, the puzzle is slowly fitting into place as Direk Mark Reyes reveals why the theme song took time to be released, unlike Enca 2005’s Mahiwagang Puso which came in just in time for the show’s promotion, and if our memory serves us right, was first heard when Alena first met Ybarro in the woods.

“We are waiting for the right moment”, Direk Mark commented online, to answer the questions of puzzled Encantadiks as to why no trace of a love theme song has been heard ever since. And, as Devas willed, tonight was deemed to be the perfect moment for the theme song to be perceived.

“Maghihintay” is recorded by Gabbi Garcia and Christian Bautista, who plays Ybarro’s father, Apitong. Awkward as it may appear, but Christian B’s talent is undeniable.

So how does “Maghihintay” fit into place? What will be the moment in tonight’s episode that will define this theme song’s meaning? Will Alena finally find out, in one way or another, that his beloved Ybarro is still alive, living in disguise behind the mighty Kalasag?

Nonetheless, “Maghihintay” sums up one thing every significant character in the story has experienced: the pain and joy that waiting brings. It puts all of these characters in one common ground: Pirena, who waited for the perfect time she shall inherit the throne, but failed, and is now waiting for the perfect time to realize her plans through her daughter. Amihan, waiting for the moment she will feel alive once again, in finding the answers she desperately need. Alena, whose only wish is to meet and be with the Encantado she is destined to love. Milagros, the Luntaie, and the heiress of Lireo, who, in all her life, has been waiting for the moment she will finally be in the world she truly belongs: in the arms of her mother, Amihan.

When these things come to mind, “Maghihintay” does not sound so simple and plain like the first time we knew about it, no more. It reminds us how love warrants a time of waiting, a time of patience, the way we Encantadiks waited for the Encantadia that we love, to come back after 11 years.


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