Bagong Kapangyarihan ng Brilyante ng Tubig


Episode 64. The sang’gres (at least the remaining three of them, as Alena has been reduced to a poor turtle to heal) won’t stop at nothing to execute their plans.

In an attempt to effortlessly talk to Amihan, Pirena asks the Brilyante ng Tubig to be a bridge between them. And so the gem exhibits yet another power: its ability to be a medium of communication between its keeper and another Encantado. (Archived!)

When Pirena summoned the gem, Amihan was able to see Pirena’s reflection in a waterfall not far, and they were able to converse as if they are face-to-face, in a manner almost videocall-like.

If the Gem was any more loyal to Alena, or much more concrete in executing a summon, shouldn’t it just deliver Pirena’s voice to Amihan? One can closely associate the Water Gem to its original keeper, whose vocal power is undisputed. Maybe, just maybe, it could have been more fitting if we a saw a scene where Amihan was wading with Paopao, or bathing by herself, by a stream and there she hears the water’s crashing sound morph into the likeness of the voice of Pirena, conveying Pirena’s haunting ransom. Not so convenient than FaceTime, yes, but perhaps less superficial and a little different from Cass’s cauldron and Imaw’s Balintataw.


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