Ang Hiwaga ng Musika sa Encantadia

sadas.jpgA show like Encantadia only comes once in a decade. Literally. Well, we have the duology of Amaya and Indio as epicseryes that dared break the boundaries and change the landscape of TV, but nothing so far has made a mark like Encantadia.
With that in mind, it is so strange that it is so hard to point a momentous event in the reboot of Encantadia. If I were to enumerate some of my favorite moments thus far, I would count some of Cassiopea’s scenes where she sleekly delivers her Enchanta. The banyuhay of the Lambana or pixies of Lireo was a remarkable scene for me as well. Hitano’s introduction of the four sang’gres to Adhara… that was something worth remembering for me too. It was a montage executed decently, narrating how legendary the four princesses are in the eyes of an ordinary Lirean soldier.
Perhaps one thing is common with all these moments. I consider the lines, the allegories, and the narrations in these scenes as music to my ears. There’s nothing better and geekier for an Encantadik than seeing secrets unveiled in front of his very own eyes.
Having laid that out on the table, I would like to stress that so far, there seems to be a lack of moments in Encantadia. Moments when and where you feel the hunger of power. The urgency of a battle or a pursuit. The pain of hatred and longing. The joy and magic of caring and loving. The wonder of the unknown and the grandeur of the world the story is built upon.
Don’t get me wrong… there are still moments where I sensed the magic. The impeccable, looming aura of the greedy Arvak holding the Brilyante ng Apoy as the tribal-sounding soundtrack of the Hathors is played was nothing short of fantastic. Alena’s monologue when she shamefully admitted how she felt the weakest and the most useless while the instrumental version of “Maghihintay”  was being played was equal parts heartfelt and empathetic.
Again, there is something common between these two scenes. They may lack dialogue or juicy lines from the characters, but the music being played speak for the scenes themselves. Hathoria’s soundtrack echoes the ego of the blacksmiths, chanting Olarka and praising their Lord of Fire. Maghihintay’s acoustic symphony may be simple, but coupled with Sang’gres in pain, it will give you the feels. There is no scene big or small… if the music complements what the scene aims to put across.
I remember the first time Paopao revealed his transformation to the refugees of Lireo. Amihan intended Paopao to surprise their pursuers that they have the upper hand when they are in possession of two gems: Amihan’s brilyante and Paopao’s “kaibigan” versus Pirena’s single Water Gem. When Paopao reveals the fifth gem, the extremely iconic “Tadhana” (2005 version) was played on queue. Goosebumps man, but it all boiled down to a train screeching to a halt when the scene was cut off immediately to make way for the commercial gap.
Tonight, Amihan and Lira finally met, after weeks and weeks of kidnapping, running away, hiding, searching, and pursuing. Amihan had to be stabbed. Lira had to endure Pirena’s lies. The viewers had to be patient for the momentous scene where both reunite.
Here’s where the editing got it right: the instrumental version of “Awit ni Lira” slowly faded in, at a point where Lira was scratching the ground like a chicken, for hope, and when Amihan was almost at her wit’s end in search of her heiress. Predictably, Lira sang her song. Amihan heard it. And the two finally met. Amihan had to use her gem to convince Lira that my love, this is really it. The montage of all the moments Amihan had to experience since Lira’s birth up until their predestined reconciliation was just right to reiterate to the viewers of the pains and patience that all led to this most awaited moment.
But the music, unexpectedly, went from endearing to flat. Lira didn’t even sing the bridge of her piece:
“Sa pangarap lang, maghihintay, sa pangarap aking mahal…”
What we have long prayed for to happen ended in a snap.
So what is the point of this post, really? Encantadia 2016 isn’t lacking of the magic of music. It is not lacking of moments neither. It lacks of moments driven by the magic of music. Mahiwagang Puso = Encantadia, right? I wonder why “Awit ni Lira” and “Tadhana” made it to the cut but the super iconic Mahiwagang Puso didn’t.
Before I get accused of being so nitpicky, I shall echo the words of Maya Angelou:
“People will forget what you said or did. But people will remember how you made them feel.”
Sometimes we don’t need flowery dialogues or over the top effects nor fight scenes. Sometimes moments that have been given enough time to make the viewers feel and be in that moment is enough. 😊 – M

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  1. JOEN says:

    Meaningful for encantadik like me. Avisala


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