10 Insane Encantadia Apps that Actually Exist!

Encantadia 2016 marks a lot of firsts for Philippine TV. Set in the Digital Age as a backdrop, it even incorporated to the story the use of smartphone to convey Lira’s obsession with selfies and Amihan’s fascination to gadgets when the Diwatas are in search for the missing Sang’gre Alena.

Days after the comeback of Encantadia this year, GMA New Media, Inc. released Encantadia Blast in the iOS App Store and the Google Playstore. Inspired by the addictive Candy Crush Saga, the app is the first mobile game drawn by a Philippine TV Series.

But aside from Blast, what else can quench the craving of Encantadiks, gaming-wise?

Ladies and gents, we bring you…

*throws out rainbows*


1. Encantadiks 2016 Trivia

First on our list is Encantadiks 2016 Trivia. Easy breezy? Think again. This is the true measure if you are a certified Encantadik or not. Delve into the lore like you’ve never been before! Encantadiks 2016 Trivia sports a menagerie of characters, places, and weapons whose names you have to guess.

Like every other game, it has a rewards system wherein you earn coins as you progress. Unfortunately for ka-Encang Edreah, she used all her coins to solve Level 48. Send help, Lireans!

Tired of 4 Pics 1 Word? Try this app! Perfect na perfect para sa mga Encantadiks who want to test their Enca knowledge. Perfect din kapag umay ka na sa office at nais mo na lang mamalagi sa Lireo forevs! Pak!

Difficulty Levelimawimawimawimawimaw (Imaw level of Expert)
Platform:  Android OS

2. Encantadia Puzzle Game


Are you a good puzzle-solver, Ka-EncantADIK? Prove it.

Encantadia Puzzle game is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.

This game features your favorite Encantadia Characters for better gameplay.

Need we say more? It’s very straightforward! If you are tired of solving the mystery of LilaSari’s lineage or where the fourth Bathaluman could just be, better solve the puzzles that come with this game instead!

Difficulty Levelimawimawimaw
(As hard as the feat of Imaw’s pursuit to claim his Balintataw, but with the help of Bathalang Emre you will succeed)
Platform:  Android OS

3. Encantadia Memory Game


Third on our list is another puzzle game but something that will stimulate your brain. Encantadia Memory Game is, as its name states,  a puzzle whose objective is for the player to match like tiles for the characters.

This game requires concentration, observation and a good memory to win. Are you an #Encantadik? Do you possess good memory skills?

Good memory skills? Yup, far, far better than the memory skills of our Encantadia characters right when the writers played the amnesia arc on us! Boohoo!

Difficulty Level: ether.PNGether.PNGether.PNGether.PNG
(4 Ethers that used amnesia arc to extend the story! Awtsubes!)
Platform:  Android OS

4. Iligtas si Lira

Oh. My. Emre. There is an actual game for the major plot that is happening for weeks now! None other than for Lira to finally reconcile with her family!

Despite the theme, Iligtas si Lira actually looks like a decent game. It has game menus reminiscent of Angry Birds and a gameplay like Super Mario, but all-in-all it definitely seems dope:

Play as Amihan in this new yet addictive arcade game and save Lira, her daughter, from Hathors.

Kill all enemies in each level to obtain a key for Lira’s cell. Boring? Try to do that with a limited number of moves!

Packed with 22 exciting and well-designed levels, you will surely love this!

More levels to come soon!

This game was just made by a fan. All media, audio and texts related to Encantadia are solely owned by the show. No copyright infringement intended.

Oh, ‘di ba? Ang taray. Just pray you don’t meet Ether, Adhara, or Hagorn on your way. Baka hindi niyo matapos yung game! Hay. *iyak*

Difficulty Level: ether.PNGether.PNGether.PNGether.PNGether.PNG
Platform:  Android OS

5. Flappy Imaw

And just when you think that the Flappy Bird craze is over, then comes this spin-off of the once phenomenal app for smartphones: Flappy Imaw!

Nedanus muste! Kayganda mo!
Game featuring Imaw as the main character! Join him as he flies throughout the kingdom of Encantadia!

If you wondered before what those wing-like feathers protruding from Imaw’s greying scalp are… nope, the antennas were a trap. They are wings! Imaw, as we know it, shall evolve a la mananaggal (his body obviously is not present on the gameplayand will flap like a beautiful lambana free from all duties in Lireo! Just tap the screen to keep Imaw flying like a beautiful lambana and to dodge the pipes!

Testament that this game is a test of patience.
Some, however, would just love to see the world burn.

Difficulty Level: imawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimawimaw
Platform:  Android OS

The Verdict

Truly, Encantadia is a phenomenon. The 2005 installments brought about screensavers, wallpapers, picture messages, and a couple of Symbian apps for our Nokia phones back then. But today is another time, indeed, and our first five apps are proof.

Here ends the first of our two-part feature on the game and app mania Encantadia has brought about. Ever tried one of these apps? You have a game in mind you’d like us to feature? Be sure to tell us in the comments! Till then, avisala, ka-Enca!


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