The Guardian of the Undersea Kingdom of Adamya

This is an Encantadia fan fiction by our co-Encantadik Andrey Lee who shared this via our Facebook page. We edited the writing but kept its ‘spirit.’


Before they were sentenced to become a dragon and a serpent, God Arde and Goddess Ether conspired to massacre the whole world of Encantadia. The first kingdom they wanted to destroy was Adamya. Adamya’s castle held the least defense, so they thought it was the one easiest to demolish. Little did they know that there was a Guardian in that kingdom.

The Guardian was Adaya. She was a water nymph, mermaid-form, created by God Emre to protect the people of Adamya. She tried to stop the evil plan of Arde and Ether to no success. She was just a lesser deity after all, not an extremely powerful goddess.

But Adaya did the one thing she knew that could save her beloved kingdom: sacrifice. She muttered an incantation that would position the massive castle of Adamya to the deepest of the sea so that no evil could find it nor destroy it. She did this at the expense of her own life.

Arde and Ether failed to counterbalance the incantation of Adaya. They, however, were still able to imprecate the kingdom of Adamya and its people. Ether spoke a curse that no one will remember Adamya as a mighty kingdom in Encantadia but only as a place of weak people. Arde hexed the people of Adamya and transformed them into creatures smaller than the human-form Encantado – the Lamang-Lupa.

With the death of Adaya, the whole kingdom of Adamya sank to the bottom of the ocean. The powers of Adaya returned to Emre in the form of a Sshedi-vi (kaluluwa or spirit). The Sshedi-vi told Emre how one could find the sunken castle which is full of various treasures and relics. Only the bravest and kindest heart can break the enchantments placed upon Adamya including the curses of Arde and Ether.

The key . . . is a tear of genuine forgiveness, of great courage, and of true love.



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