An Exotic Transfer of Gem

This is an Encantadia theory.

Direk Mark Reyes commented on our Facebook thread that “the Fire Gem is with Danaya.” However, the audience did not witness a Gem transfer from Pirena to Danaya in the 144th episode of Encantadia (February 02, 2017) where the Gems of Fire and Quintessence were first surrendered by Hagorn to Pirena and Danaya, respectively.

Here’s a theoretical justification:

By opposing Hagorn, Pirena performed quite a suicide as a consequence of violating the deal between her and Bathalumang Ether. Suicide is something that any of the Elemental Gems is not a servant for.

Sensing the danger of being brought to the death plane with Pirena, the Fire Gem sought a new refuge and found it in a nearby Brilyante keeper. It moved itself and its spirit to Danaya.

At that moment though, Danaya seemed to be unaware of the bizarre self-displacement of the Fire Gem. It would have all made sense if Danaya’s eyes blazed in red to signify the transferring of the Gem if ever it was implied that Pirena gave a silent command, or even if none at all.


Yet when Danaya opened her palm to release the Gems of Earth, Wind, and Quintessence in an attempt to save Pirena from dying, the Fire Gem concomitantly came out through Pirena’s heart (at least that’s what appeared to have happened in the scene). When saving Pirena failed, all four Gems dematerialized.

That’s when the confusion and suspicion arised. Naipasa ba ang Brilyante ng Apoy kay Danaya?

Ending is: Pirena died and the Jewel of Fire is safe with Danaya because that’s what the director said.

To add substance to this theory, we have to note that that was not the first time the Fire Gem bequeathed itself to someone absent command from its keeper.

Remember Pirena stealing it from the Kamara ng Lireo? Mine-a, the then-current keeper, gave no direct order to the red crystal but it offered itself to Pirena.

So, can we conclude that Alipato, the Spirit-Guide of the Fire Gem, has got some ‘attitude’? 😉

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  1. joen says:

    avisala eshma..


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