Ang Ouroboros: Sagisag ng Etheria

In the past episodes of Encantadia, a recurring symbol can be seen engraved on the crates that nestle the bones of the dead followers of Bathalumang Ether.

Sagisag ng Etheria.jpg

Each coffin has a common insignia: two serpents intertwining and biting each other’s tails. From afar, one can notice that these two snakes form two infinities.


This symbol is highly reminiscent of the Ouroboros, an iconograph in Ancient Egypt and in alchemy. It represents an “eternal return of cyclicality” or a continuous rebirth of one’s self. It depicts an endless process of birth and death, creation and destruction.


Ether’s cursed form is a serpent. Her Devas Symbol is that of creation. Combine these two ideas and you get the Ouroboros: serpents that symbolize something about creation.
A fitting symbol for the return of Etheria from the ashes, the Ouroboros is perfectly juxtaposed with Ether’s schemes as she raises Etheria literally from the remains of what was once a glorious kingdom: two snakes chasing each other, Life and Death, as they meet and become one to be a force no one in Encantadia has witnessed before.

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