The Number 7


You’re about to read an Encantadia theory.

We already saw the tease of DMR: a part of his riddle states “5+2”.

The number seven is important in literature. “Symbol of eternal life for the Egyptians: it symbolizes a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection. For the Indians in the prairie and the “Pueblo” Indians, the number seven represents the cosmic coordinate of the man. In Africa and for the Bambaras of Senegal, seven is a symbol of the perfection and the unity.”

It indicates the sense of a change after an accomplished cycle and of a positive renewal. It is a symbol of completeness.

What if in preparation for the conclusion of Encantadia, the FIVE new Gem Keepers plus BOTH Lira and Mira are to be the ones that complete the book?

We already know PaoPao and Deshna are part of the 5 new Gem Bearers (Episodes 160 and 161).

Some people say “But what about Lira and Mira? Don’t they deserve the gems too?” Both Sang’gres do not necessarily need the gems to be powerful forces. One is a mage and one is a warrior. Daughters of a Queen and the Redeemed. There is strength in that.

Therefore, in this theory, Mira and Lira do not, in fact, get any of the gems.

This number 7 illustrates completeness, a sense of learning from past mistakes. Mine-a did not necessarily expound why she chose her daughters to take care of the gems – whether Emre told her we do not know. She just distributed them out of motivation from Pirena’s actions. But was it really the “correct” way of doing it?

As recently revealed, the Gem Sigils can find its own worthy bearers. And if chosen, the gems are stronger in power when utilized. Shouldn’t this have been the chosen course of action from the start?

“Bes, siguro hindi kailangang humawak at mangalaga tayo ng Brilyante para lang matawag na tagapagtanggol ng Encantadia. Marami pang ibang paraan.”

The 5 New Gem Bearers can end up being the Protectors of Encantadia (imagine Amihan I) while Mira and Lira can properly rule and execute their duties without having to tend to their Gems. There is a separation of Leadership and Duty to the Gems. Something that evidently became an issue with the 4 Sang’gres.

This theory demonstrates a sense of learning from the past and a sense of a new chapter, just as the Number 7 signifies.


Brilyante Arts credit to Rhenz Tuan Sañosa of

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  1. Andy Rivera says:

    My Theory regarding the Act of Cassiopea’s will to find the new keepers is like the idea of Etheria back in 2006.

    Etheria has the Magical Golden Hourglass as theis source of power.
    That Golden Hourglass has 4 keepers/guardians which later revealed as Arkrey (Brother of Avria representing Hera Andal), Odessa (Hera Aega), Andora (Hera Sensa) Juvila (Hera Volo).

    That 4 keepers of the golden hourglass doesnt know the identity of their co-guardians so that if one of the guardians were killed, the assasin dont have the knowledge of who the other guardians are.

    In connection to the new keepers of The Five Elemental Gems which Cassiopea searching for, i guess the spirit of the gems or the sigils find their future rightful owner and Mira and Lira wont be chosen to hold any of the gem. Because they have other destiny to fulfill. That destiny is to become the next Queen of Lireo and Hathoria. The keepers must not be the ruler anymore just like The Older Sanggres. The Sanggres must be the ruler and the keepers must be the guardian of te gem and also the protector of their queen. I guess that each Kingdom soon will have their Gem keeper and Queen’s or king’s guardian to protect their ruler.

    Para hindi na maulit ang nangyari kay amihan na siya ay reyna tapos tagapangalaga pa ng brilyante ng hangin, at maraming buhay ng reyna dahil sa brilyanteng hawak nya. Kaya dapat ang reyna ay hindi na hahawak nang brilyante kundi.magsanay syang gumamit ng mahika upang protektahan ang kanyang sarili and nakikita ko ang katangiang iyon kay Lira na wala sa mga nakatatandang sanggre liban kay Alena. Dahil naging dependent na sila sa kanilang mga brilyante kaya ito rin ay nagiging mga sigalot dahil sa agawan ng kapangyarihan at kaharian. Kaya naiintindihan ko ang hangarin ni Cassiopea na makahanap ng mga bagong tagapangalaga.


  2. Russel Paguio says:

    Whoever wrote this article, I love his theory (two thumbs up). This reminded me that it is not just all about obtaining an artefact of great power, the elemental gems.

    The two young sang’gres, having their own powers in which they should be mastering. Was it really a need for both of them to have a gem just to become a powerful force? It is really necessary for a sang’gre to obtain any of the elemental gems in order to have power or become its keeper?
    Debunking the situation of a sang’gre acquiring the gems as its chosen wielder of its power?

    Miyamoto Musashi did not have any powers, but nevertheless exhibited a near perfect skill in the art of swordsmanship (kenjutsu), his style was called Nito-Ryu Kenjutsu.

    Musashi Miyamoto, trained in his yourger years in the way of strategy. His first duel was Arima Kihei of the Shinto ryū at age of 13, and defeated him using a wooden staff. At 16, he defeated Akiyama, who is also an expert in kenjutsu. At age of 21 he fought lots of duels and never lost, with a total of 60+ duels, undefeated.

    One of his famous duels was Sasaki Kojiro, titled “demon of the western province of Japan,” using a bokken (wooden sword), carved from an oar against a no-dachi (90cm long version of the katana) wielder (Sasaki).

    Musashi author of the book called “Book of the Five Rings/Go Rin No Sho.”
    Was it all about wielding a power from a gem or skills and wits are the best weapons in a war?

    Just sharing an idea, with or without the gems and as their keepers, when times comes that the two young sang’gres has mastered their martial skills and spell-casting ability, they both are a force not be reckoned with.


  3. Lo Ming Li says:

    Amazing! I agree with the theory. Ask lang ako kung may individual pictures either in PNG or JPEG format ba yang pic ng 5 brilyante sa heading bago ang article na ito? If meron ano ang link pls? Tnx!


  4. joen says:

    Brilliant idea.. 💙 i love how you gave ideas about something like this..


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