The Most Significant Change In Encantadia In The Last 11 Years

I don’t really know why I am writing this. I don’t write about love teams, real or fictional. Maybe I write this now because I am the first to use the hashtag, #AzPiren, in social media posts and the first to make a meme out of the photos of this newest Encantadia couple. And as the captain of the AzPiren ship (just kidding), I am obliged to do this.

So there. That fight scene of Pirena and Azulan in the episode #EncantadiaPaghamon. Aminin mo, ka-Enca, na kinilig ka. Kapag ‘di mo inamin na kinilig ka o napangiti man lang ay sana isumpa ka ni Bathalumang Ether na hindi magkaka-lovelife in the next 11 or 12 years. Laugh. Out. Loud.

azpiren (3)

Where does the kilig come from? Of course we have different ways of getting kilig, different kilitis. For me, it’s the magic that Pirena has on me na kapag naiinis o binibiro siya, ang cute-cute niya. Lumalabas ‘yong pagka-Warka niya in a comical way. Ang sarap kasi panoorin na pinaglalaruan itong character ni Glaiza De Castro. At ang sarap panoorin ni Glaiza De Castro.

Then there’s Azulan (played by Marx Topacio). Not a knight-in-shining-armor, but a tall, dark, bald, and handsome bad boy. At least a bad boy in the eyes of Pirena. Bad boy na pa-fall! Banatan ka ba naman ng “Sang’gre Pirena, mabango pala ang iyong pawis” at “Tila bumibilis ang tibok ng iyong puso, Mahal na Hara.” I think kilig to the bones din si Piry sa moment na ‘yan eh. ‘Di lang niya pinahalata siyempre.

Twitter has it that their chemistry is on fire. One online user jokingly comments “Kabahan ka na, Maxine Medina!” Haha! (FYI Maxine is Marx’s real-life girlfriend.) And to add, picture pa lang kasi nila, kakilig-kilig na!

Opposites Attract. AzPiren. Azulan and Pirena. We have a commoner man and an aristocratic woman. The Sang’gre believes that her bloodline should uphold controlling the royal power in Encantadia. The Punjabwe believes otherwise, but not necessarily equality for he is an overweening sexist. Will opposites attract? I don’t know.

Howbeit, we know that there is a force that is so strong. Emre is playing his own divine game of chess in the high skies. He can easily put the Queen and the Pawn within a single square.

Acceptance. Equality. Unity. Love.

Further, Encantadia has come to an age of breaking traditions. Brilyante-keeping is no longer exclusive for the Sang’gres. Sapiro, formerly ruled by pure Sapiryans, now trusts a female Diwata Mashna in their army. Perhaps Pirena will accept later on that it is okay for non-Sang’gres to keep and protect the Gems. And, eventually, to fall in love with a man outside the noble lineage. Perhaps.

Love conquers barriers. Love reveals unhidden secrets. (Memen, an Etherian king, and Ornia, a lowly engkantada, is an example. What did their love produce? A champion of liberty. A bunggaitan – soon to be hailed as a bathaluman – known worldwide as Cassiopea.)

Will Azulan and Pirena live happily ever after? No. Kasi aagawin ni Avria si Azulan (just kidding). Seriously, who knows of ‘happily ever after’? But even if the AzPiren ship will always be on the verge of sinking as the following meme suggests, my hopes for their ‘forever’ is still going burning high. ❤


Them together in more scenes is affirmatively coming and an AzPiren capsule is more than enough for keeping the real-world negative stresses away! 🙂

– Mr. GS


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