Ong-Bak, Encantadia amongst launching games for Nintendo Switch SEA

Nintendo Co. Ltd – The largest Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company will be launching the worldwide-phenomenon Nintendo Switch specifically for Southeast Asia (SEA) with not just one, but three original titles from, of course, Southeast Asian countries; The Legend of Ong-Bak; Shutter: Photographs; and Tales of Encantadia, as tweeted by Nintendo twitter account.

NCL Tweet 01

Did you see it? Did you see it?!?!?!?! 

Following the worldwide success of the Nintendo Switch console, the company is targeting a large market from SEA by introducing familiar titles within the region. As of writing, two game origins are from Thailand, Ong-Bak and the highly-acclaimed horror-suspense movie The Shutter which would be co-developed by Capcom, and one from the Philippines, Encantadia – the grandest and most successful Filipino fantasy-series franchise. Nintendo, in partnership with Silicon Studio who developed Bravely Default and Grand Sphere would be heading the Encantadia Switch Game.

NCL Enca Tweet

Nintendo posted a brief intro to the announced games:

NCL Shutter

SHUTTER: Photographs (Horror/ Suspense/ Mystery)
The plot continues after the tragic ending of the Thai movie, The Shutter. Tun’s younger brother, Jun, unearths the mystery of his brother’s undiagnosed illness and follows the track from Tun’s emotional breakdown back to Tun’s ex-girlfriend’s mysterious death and then diverts to the horrifying world of the dead through the photographs Jun’s brother took.
NCL OngBakThe Legend of Ong-Bak (Action/ Arcade)
Discover the power behind Ting’s strength in this prequel video game of the action-packed Thai movie. Follow the adventures of the god, Ong-Bak, and its mysterious connection to Ting who becomes the nation’s Muay Thai warrior. Enjoy different levels of ring-battles versus the notorious gang in the urban streets of Bangkok.

And the one closest to our hearts…

NCL Enca

Tales of Encantadia (Fantasy/ Adventure / RPG)
Divulge to the realm of Encantadia where different races lived once peacefully until one kingdom declared war for power and the control of realm. With the help of the God Emre and deities, protect each kingdom and aim to call for peace. Alliances and betrayals await the adventure of the four enchanting sisters who are destined to be the most powerful queens Encantadia has ever seen.

This is the first time in Philippine history that an original Filipino material was acquired by a multinational game developer to be launched across Southeast Asia.

The three titles are undergoing a series of testing and is set to be released first quarter of 2018. So save up your golds, ka-Enca!

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