The Elemental Magic Circles

In the beginning, there was only one gem called the “Inang Brilyante”. This was bestowed by the Bathalang Emre to the Encantados in which the power of their world resides. This gem hovers on a geometric pattern called the Devas Circle. Depicted like a transmutation circle in alchemy, it signifies the power of the artifact…

Here’s an Nchan Font for You and Me

Nchan is a phonetic script system. It’s the writing system in Encantadia, particularly of the Diwatas. This system was used along with Enchanta (the language such as “Avisala!” and “Pashnea!”) in the original series way back 2005. But not like Enchanta, the 2005 Nchan was not usable and was a mere set of arbitrary symbols….